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Live Webcam in Port Bolivar Texas

If you're visiting Texas, you might want to check out a live webcam in Port Bolivar Beach. These cams offer real-time views of the beach, current weather conditions, and any local beach activity. Regardless of what you're looking for, you'll find it on a Port Bolivar cam. You can also use a webcam to monitor a variety of beaches around the world.

A Brief Description of Port Bolivar Beach in Texas

If you are planning to spend your vacation in Port Bolivar Beach, Texas, then you should definitely read this description first. This coastal community is located on the Bolivar Peninsula in eastern Galveston County. It is known for its stunning beaches, and you can even rent a beach house there! The North Jetty is a famous fishing spot where you can try your hand at crab fishing and other activities.

During your stay at Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Gulf and the beautiful sand. This destination is a true Texas beach escape. Enjoy the beautiful crystal-clear water, fish off the jetty, and golf on the nine-hole Rancho Carribe course. And don't forget to visit the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. Thousands of birds call this sanctuary their home.

Another attraction in Port Bolivar is the Point B. Travis Lighthouse, which was built in 1872. This landmark has served as a navigational beacon for seafarers for 61 years and survived infamous storms. It was also featured in the 1968 movie "My Sweet Charlie" starring Patty Duke. The Bolivar Peninsula is also home to world-renowned bird sanctuaries, including Mundy Marsh and Horseshoe Marsh.

The Bolivar Peninsula was once an important agricultural area, and was once known as the "watermelon capital of Texas". It also enjoyed a brief oil boom near High Island in the early nineteenth century. At one time, the Bolivar Peninsula was home to hundreds of vacation-home owners and weekend visitors, who mostly spent their time swimming and sunbathing. The Bolivar Peninsula is also home to Jane Long, a famous pirate who gave birth in Port Bolivar in 1820.

Surfers will find excellent waves in Bolivar, which is a sandbar break on the Bolivar Peninsula. This beach is relatively consistent throughout the year, but it does experience some seasonal variation in the water temperature. While the water is generally warm during this time of year, a winter storm will likely be a more consistent swell. In February, there are 12% more days with clean surf at this beach.

The Bolivar Peninsula is home to many popular beaches. The 27 miles of pristine beach line the peninsula, providing the perfect place for outings and events, barbecues, and picnics. There are even a few historic sites and museums nearby. The Bolivar Peninsula has a great atmosphere for all types of activities. The area is a perfect place to go fishing or kayaking with family and friends.

The weather in Port Bolivar Beach is usually warm throughout the year, with the hottest month of August being the hottest. Cooler weather is usually found in the third week of May. Temperatures on the Bolivar Peninsula can vary a lot, but they usually range from fifty to eighty degrees. During this time, the temperature rarely falls below 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Colder months of January can reach ninety-two degrees Fahrenheit.

Located on the Bolivar Peninsula, Laguna Harbor is located in the western portion of the peninsula and offers premier access to the Gulf of Mexico. This waterfront community is surrounded by natural wetlands and the Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary. With deep canals, Laguna Harbor also offers immediate access to the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay. This is the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Rainfall in Port Bolivar Beach varies from year to year. Monthly rainfall averages approximately 3.2 inches. Rainfall peaks at 41% on June 24. The drier months have an average of eight.2 inches of rain in June and nine percent in September. It is usually rainy or drier throughout the rest of the year, and the beach is usually dry and pleasant by June. A detailed description of the weather in Port Bolivar Beach in Texas can be found in the Handbook of Texas

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Best Place to Surf in Port Bolivar Texas

If you are looking for the best place to surf in Port Bolivar, Texas, you've come to the right place! The city's location and swell conditions make it the perfect spot for surfers looking for a quick getaway. In addition to providing a fun and safe environment for surfers, Bolivar also has excellent facilities and accommodations. In addition to surfing, the town is an excellent place to take photos, relax, and get a tan.

The Bolivar Peninsula is home to several bird species, including pelicans, seagulls, and terns. The area is also a hotspot for live music, with the Stingaree Restaurant and Marina hosting world-class rock concerts. Many of these events are free of charge. Once you get bored with surfing, visit the area's other attractions. You'll be glad you came.

Before the storms hit Bolivar, the only surf break was Meacom's Pier. Gary Linthicum, a Beaumont lawyer, grew up surfing at Meacom's Pier. But in the past five years, he has renewed his passion for the sport. Gary Linthicum spent his childhood days surfing at Meacom's Pier, and two weeks ago was one of the many surfers who came to surf at this pier.

When the weather is nice, head to the beach for a long day of fun. Bolivar has 27 miles of sandy shoreline, and the Gulf of Mexico makes for an unforgettable day. While surfing, kayaking along the shore, and fishing are just a few of the activities you can do on this gorgeous beach. A perfect day at the beach in Port Bolivar, Texas will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Bolivar Point Lighthouse is a historic landmark and a popular destination for travelers. This historic landmark was constructed in 1872, and has been an essential source of information for mariners for over 61 years. The lighthouse, which is now privately owned, is a great photo opportunity. Fishing in the surf is both relaxing and economical. Speckled trout and live shrimp are just waiting to take your lures.

Those looking for a beach getaway in Port Bolivar may be interested in the peninsula's crystal beaches. The beach is pristine and inviting, and visitors can enjoy the waters from a jetty, or the nine-hole Rancho Carribe Golf Course. If you are a bird-watching enthusiast, you may also be interested in visiting the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. It is home to thousands of birds, and is a rare treat for birdwatchers.

The Bolivar Peninsula is located three miles north of Galveston. Thousands of tourists ride the ferry over every year to enjoy the undeveloped beaches and wild waves. The only access to the peninsula is via the Texas 87 and 124. With so much to do and see, surfing is an enjoyable activity for everyone. It is worth checking out the Bolivar peninsula and making your way there. When you're in the area, don't forget to check out the SS Selma, a World War I reinforced concrete tanker that sank decades ago.

In addition to the surf breaks, the area also offers a number of jetties and a sandbar break, Surfside. The sandbar breaks are reliable and fun, but can be crumbly without swell. The area is perfect for longboarders and shortboarders, and locals are more than willing to help you rent a board if needed. Alternatively, you can try surfing at Quintana jetties or Surfside.

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