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Live Webcam in Buxton Beach North Carolina

If you've ever wanted to view the Outer Banks, but didn't know where to start, you can check out a live webcam in Buxton Beach, North Carolina. You can watch everything from the surf to the beach and even check the weather from the comfort of your own home. This coastal town is known for its beautiful beaches, so it's easy to see exactly what it's like to be there.

A Description of Buxton Beach in North Carolina

Buxton Beach, North Carolina is necessary for tourists to know whether this beach is right for them. Located on an island sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean, Buxton is subject to hurricanes and tropical storms. This coastal town experiences high summer temperatures with a mild, humid air. The colder winters are more temperate and are less likely to produce freezing temperatures. However, winters can be cold, with wind chill values often exceeding 15 degrees Fahrenheit. The city is located in plant hardiness zone 8b, which means the climate here is generally mild. The average annual extreme minimum air temperature is 19.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The average annual extreme minimum temperature is about -7 degrees Celsius, and there is no significant difference in precipitation between winter and summer months. During the winter months, the rains are less frequent, but they can still be intense.

Visitors who want to explore the area may visit the historic Buxton Brick Lighthouse. It is the tallest brick lighthouse in the U.S., and it has been through three hurricanes. Visitors are rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Tourists can visit the gift shop and take pictures in front of the lighthouse. The beach is also a great place to unwind after a long day at the beach.

Buxton Beach in North Carolina should include all of the above. This is a beautiful town on the Outer Banks and features a lifeguarded beach that regularly makes the list of best beaches in the United States. It is also home to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and is home to an exceptional fishing beach called "Cape Point." Listed below are some characteristics of Buxton vacation rentals that will make you want to stay there.

If you're looking for a beach near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton is the perfect destination. Located near the lighthouse, Buxton is a popular destination for kiteboarding enthusiasts. The waves are calm and the breeze is warm, and kiteboarders skim the water above the sandy beach. Other watersports can also be enjoyed nearby. Regardless of what type of water sport you prefer, Buxton is the place to be!

Another fun thing to do in Buxton is to visit the Futuro House, located just outside of town in Avon. This bizarrely designed house resembles a flying saucer. Its design is based on an extraterrestrial spacecraft, and was used by many locals in the early 70s. Its whimsical appeal is sure to attract many tourists. You won't be disappointed! With all of its attractions, Buxton is the perfect beach for families and couples.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, Buxton offers hiking trails. The Buxton Woods trails take you through thick woods and desolate sand dunes, saltwater ponds and marshes. This coastal environment offers an up-close look at the local ecosystem. Buxton welcomes pets on leashes and service animals at all times. Fireworks are also banned in Buxton, but there are several other places to enjoy this beach.

The most famous attraction in Buxton is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. More than 1 million visitors flock to this lighthouse every year for the incredible view of the beach. A lifeguard is posted on the beach from Memorial Day through Labor Day to protect visitors. Buxton also offers plenty of shopping opportunities, including dozens of unique boutiques and shops. If you're visiting the Outer Banks, this is the beach for you!

The area around Buxton has a rich history of shipwrecks. Buxton sits on the 'elbow' of Hatteras Island, which is only 10 feet above sea level. Because of this, Buxton is protected from many of the harsher conditions that threaten its neighboring villages. The two currents that run alongside each other have powerful effects that cause hundreds of ships to be wrecked in the area.

Native Americans inhabited the area near 1,000 years ago. This colony was made up of Croatan and Native Americans. The Lost Colonists migrated to the area to escape hostile natives. However, the original residents managed to survive and thrive on the shores of Buxton for a thousand years. They lived off seafood and ate fish, and even ran fishing trips for tourists looking for adventure. In the town today, Buxton Woods Coastal Preserve is a popular attraction.

Visitors can enjoy the town's historic buildings and beaches. The most important landmark of Buxton, NC is the historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. This spiral-striped landmark represents the survivalist attitude of the islanders. In fact, Buxton's lighthouse survived the controversial move in 1999 and is now owned by the National Park Service. The lighthouse is accessible to the public, and visitors can climb the lighthouse for a bird's eye view of Avon and the surrounding area.

Best Places to Surf in Buxton North Carolina

Buxton is known for its excellent surfing conditions. In 1972, the lighthouse became home to the Eastern Surfing Association, which exposed the town to surfers from all over the East Coast. Since then, the city has become a haven for surfers and other water enthusiasts. There are also hiking trails, mini golf, and yoga classes. There are also massages and guided tours available. If you are a seasoned surfer, you might want to consider a vacation to Buxton.

One of the best places to surf in Buxton is the beach at the Old Lighthouse Location. The beach is a popular spot for locals, and a large crowd often attends the local event to watch the competitors. A small pier sits just offshore, but the waves are consistently good. Generally, the beach is safe for beginners. In addition to the beach, local regulations require that you stay at least 100 yards from the pier. If the waves are choppy, you can take a wetsuit.

Located on a barrier island sticking out into the ocean, Buxton enjoys year-round moderate temperatures. Summer days are often hot, but prevailing winds keep temperatures more moderate. Cool days, on the other hand, are less harsh. The rainiest months are January and July, although summer rains are usually brief afternoon storms. And, because the beach is so accessible, it is easy to find the perfect spot for a great surf session.

If you're new to surfing, a visit to a local surf shop might be the perfect way to learn the basics. You can even learn how to ride a wave from there. If you have never surfed before, you can try out your new skills and improve your skills on your next trip. The local surf shop will also offer surf lessons if you'd like to learn more about the sport.

Old Ranger Station, in the vicinity of Rodanthe Village, is a popular surf spot. Depending on the conditions, Old Ranger Station can yield fun waves. However, you should be aware of the dangers of rip currents. If you're not familiar with the rip current, don't venture out too far. The S-Turns break is farther south, but can also be a great place to catch a wave.

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