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Live Webcam in Scarborough Beach Maine

If you love the view of the sea and coastal towns, you may want to check out the live webcam in Scarborough Beach Maine. It allows you to see the beach at any time of the day. The webcam offers a great view of the water, but you can also see the town's historic buildings. This cam offers a glimpse of life in the town. It was added to myCams on May 21, 2014.

A Brief Description of Scarborough Beach in Maine

If you want a beach that is tucked away in a beautiful, coastal setting, then the description of Scarborough Beach in Maine is exactly what you're looking for. With its wide, sandy beach, kite surfers and a large public parking lot, this Maine beach is perfect for anyone who wants to unwind. Higgins Beach is an almost mile long stretch of sand that's protected from the ocean's waves thanks to the scarborough River.

The city's four miles of beaches are known throughout the world. Pine Point is a favorite with families, as it's a perfect destination for kids and families with plenty of room to enjoy the sand and play beach games. There are also a number of snack shacks located nearby, so parents can get snacks without having to leave the beach. And if you want to get away from the beach altogether, you can always visit the historic Scarborough Lighthouse, built in 1812.

Len Libby is a confectioner and chocolatier in the town. His candy shop has been providing sweet treats to visitors of Scarborough for decades. One of the oldest businesses in the town, Len Libby continues to make all of his chocolates by hand. Featuring Maine themes and flavors, Libby's offers saltwater taffy and lobster gummies. Aside from selling chocolates and candies, he also sells coffee and blueberry tea.

A car is not needed to access the state park, although it's possible to park in the Town-operated parking lots. The parking fees are affordable. Visitors can purchase season parking passes to park in Town-operated lots. Season parking passes cost $90, but daily rates for non-passholders are $2.40. No matter what kind of vehicle you own, you're sure to find an affordable spot.

To visit the beach, start by heading north on Snowball Hill Road and drive towards the town's Old Fort. The road will take you to Pemaquid Beach and Ye Old Fort, where you can tour the fort and see the beach from a bird's-eye view. A scenic drive down this road will provide a breathtaking view of the sand dunes. A beach in Maine that's surrounded by nature is not only scenic, but also convenient.

The first 30-miles of the coast from Kittery to Portland include over 90 miles of beaches. This includes Sand Beach on Mount Desert Island, which is a part of Acadia National Park. The beaches are popular all year round, but they're especially stunning during the summer months. Just a few miles north of Portland, you'll find the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. And if you're looking for the perfect getaway for the whole family, Scarborough is the place for you.

Another great description of Scarborough Beach in Maine is the Cliff Walk at Prouts Neck, which winds through a picturesque peninsula that is surrounded by the sea. Prouts Neck is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it's also the home of American artist Winslow Homer. Despite its quaintness, the views here are breath-taking and make the trip to Scarborough even more memorable.

Higgins Beach features a shipwreck that is visible at low tide. Emma Bray David, a local author, recollects the historic event of 1897. The town's history is traced in his book, Scarborough in the Twentieth Century, by Rodney Laughton, who chronicles the history of this town and how it grew from a small fishing village to the fastest-growing town in the state.

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Best Place to Surf in Scarborough Maine

If you're in the mood for some gnarly waves, the Best Place to Surf in Scarborough Maine might be the small and secluded Higgins Beach. A few miles south of Portland, Higgins Beach offers a warm sandy shore and ideal waves for watersports. Higgins Beach is not as popular as other areas, and parking may be limited. However, if you're on a budget, you may want to check out other local beaches as well.

If you want to surf in the sand, Scarborough Beach takes over the throne from Higgins. Summer east and ESE swells are ideal for this beach break, which produces nice A-frame peaks. This is a good beginner spot. Winter six to eight-foot swells offer left-handers, right handers, and other types of waves. While a few days of choppy surfing may keep you from enjoying the beach, it's generally a good place to learn the sport.

While swells don't last as long as they do in other parts of New England, summer swells can reach the ocean's edge. In Maine, this swell is the last thing that happens before the summer begins. After mid-April, summer flatness sets in and the onshore winds take over. The winter surf season at Long Sands is a great time to try out your new board.

During the winter months, this town hosts its annual Winter Festival. Locals celebrate any season with a festive event. The Winter Festival features an ice rink open for public skating, live music, and various winter sports games. The festival also includes a snow sculpture contest and a wagon ride for kids. You can also try your hand at candlepin bowling - a fun twist on traditional bowling.

Whether you're an experienced surfer or a beginner, Surf Camp Maine provides the perfect opportunity for your child to learn to surf. This camp also offers an environmental ethic that is essential to the sport. Every Wednesday, campers take a break from the morning session to participate in a clean-up effort along the seashore. Since Surf Camp Maine is based in the beach, you can be sure that your camper is getting a hands-on lesson, as well as learning about ocean safety.

If you're interested in surfing in Scarborough, you should take advantage of the city's beaches. The sandy beach makes it a great place for swimming and surfing, and many people also enjoy playing beach volleyball. Long Sands has a metered parking area and assigned lifeguards. However, it's not a good idea to leave your children unattended in these waters - they may get injured if they are left alone.

For families, Scarborough's beaches are great places to enjoy a day at the beach. It's a family favorite with temperate water during July and August. At the lifeguard station, you can rent everything from a chair or umbrella to a surfboard or stand-up paddleboard. Lifeguards are on duty from early June through Labor Day. For your convenience, there's a burger stand where you can get refreshments, and restrooms.

The locals refer to Easton's Beach as "First Beach" because of the slow waves. Beginners get a dry lesson before they head out into the water, which covers topics like paddling and popping up. They also learn surf etiquette, including proper wipeouts and not dropping in, which keeps them safe and preventing them from cutting off other surfers. And don't forget to ask your instructor about the best time to go surfing in Scarborough.

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