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Live Webcam in Riviera Beach Florida

If you're looking for an entertaining view of Riviera Beach, Florida, you can check out a live webcam. This camera reveals a glimpse of life on the shore from 12 feet above. It can also be used to watch the beach life below, including rushing waves and a lifeguard stand. It also shows the famous Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. EarthCam is a live webcam network based in New Jersey that recently added a Fort Lauderdale camera. The camera can also show the 17th Street Causeway bridge. Founder Chris Korab started viewing the shoreline of Pompano Beach's lagoon last winter. He is now a proud member of EarthCam and shares his unique perspective of the Florida Everglades.

A Comprehensive Description of Riviera Beach in Florida

For more information on this city and its attractions, read our detailed description of Riviera Beach in Florida. This coastal city, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, is an excellent choice for a beach vacation. Its beautiful beachfront, great weather, and relaxed atmosphere make it a popular destination for tourists, families, and couples. This city is home to the Port of Palm Beach, United States Coast Guard station, and a marina.

The most popular attraction in Riviera Beach is its beach, which is one of the finest in Palm County. The Riviera Beach Municipal Beach, located on Ocean Drive, offers pristine golden sand and playgrounds for children. If you're looking for a beach without crowds, try the Singer Island beach, which runs northward toward the Ocean Reef. You'll find a lot of walking trails along this stretch of coastline.

If you're looking for a family-friendly destination, consider staying at the Singer Island Resort. The resort features spacious suites, a private beach, and a tiki bar. This resort is the perfect spot for couples, families, and kids alike. You can spend the day in the sun on the beach, or explore the local park areas. For an extra-special beach vacation, check out the Singer Island Resort and enjoy the sparkling views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The city is surrounded by tropical plants and trees. The local population is diverse and there's a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Residents report Black, White, Haitian, and German ancestry. The air quality index, which measures the air quality, was 55.7 in 2018.

Singer Island, part of Riviera Beach, is an oceanfront community with seven miles of pristine beaches. The island is named after sewing machine magnate Paris Singer. Nearby, you'll find John D. MacArthur State Park, a two-mile stretch of picturesque beach, hiking trails, and mangrove forests. In addition to the beaches and the park, this urban estuary is home to one of the best diving sites in the United States.

A waterfront marketplace, shops, and restaurants make this a great spot for a day out on the beach. The waterfront market draws visitors and attracts locals and tourists alike. The Port of Palm Beach is also conveniently located in Riviera Beach, and the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship docks here every other week. If you're looking for more of the beachfront, the Worth Avenue waterfront has plenty to offer. You can park your car on the oceanfront or on the waterfront.

The original Coconut Grove House opened in 1880. It was a popular destination for visitors and was the first hotel in Palm Beach. It was later renamed The Breakers. The Breakers was burned down in 1903.

The town has strict zoning and an active historic preservation program. The beachfront is three miles long, and there are numerous recreational activities. There are award-winning golf courses and tennis courts in the area. Several local businesses provide excellent services and amenities, so you can enjoy your time at Riviera Beach in Florida. The community is the perfect place for you to relax and recharge. With all these benefits, you can easily see why it's so popular.

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Best Place to Surf in Riviera Beach Florida

If you want to go surfing in Riviera Beach Florida, you can do so in a couple of places. First off, there's the Local Surf Shop, a quaint shop with all the essentials. You can find all types of apparel and surf gear here, including wetsuits. This beach is ideal for any type of swell, and it offers an excellent view of the whole beach. In addition, it is an excellent choice for beginners, thanks to its wide array of surf breaks.

Second, you can head over to Cocoa Beach, the home of six-time World Champion Kelly Slater and the Ron Jon Surf Shop. You can surf all the time here, with about 20 rideable waves. And because Cocoa Beach is such a great family destination, you can also enjoy sight seeing and fishing from this spot. The town is also home to several world-class surf shops, including some of the best-known names in surfing.

The waters in this beach are warm year-round, with temperatures staying in the 80s in May and barely dropping below 70 degrees in the winter. This warmth is due to the close proximity to the Gulf Stream current. According to Kimberly Miller, a weather reporter with The Palm Beach Post, the northern section of Palm Beach County is a popular spot for surfing because it is unblocked by the Bahamas. In addition to her Instagram feed, Miller shares surf tips and pictures on her Instagram page.

There are a variety of beaches to choose from when you visit Riviera Beach. You can find the best one for you by checking live cams of the beach, which will show you the water conditions and what's going on. It's a great place to get a good workout, especially if you're a beginner. Besides, the city's Marina Village offers numerous other activities for families, including water sports. Aside from the water sports, you can also visit the local Bicentennial Park or the Rafiki Tiki Cafe.

The most famous spot for surfing in Riviera Beach, Honeymoon Island, is a state park. It has four miles of beach, and a three mile trail that runs through virgin pine forests. Surfers tend to prefer this beach if the wind is blowing from the east. The waves here are great, but are best in winter and when the wind is blowing from the east. If you're just starting out, Honeymoon Island may not be the best spot for you.

The West Palm Beach area is the perfect tropical getaway. There's plenty of room for sun worship and poolside lounging, and plenty of outdoor dining. There's even a beach park that has a running trail. If you have kids, you can visit the Children's Museum of West Palm Beach. You can also try surfing in West Palm Beach if you're staying in a hotel that offers views of the ocean.

Between Daytona and St. Augustine, Flagler Beach is a great place to catch waves in the wintertime. There are six miles of pristine beach here, and the incoming tide is low and provides the perfect surf conditions even during cold spells. The town is also home to Z Wave Surf Shop, which has been in business for over 30 years. The local surfing community is proud of its surfing heritage and many people consider it their home.

For a more consistent swell, check out Hanna Park, which has clean showers and camping facilities. You can also catch waves at the lighthouse and Officer's Club, which are two good breaks on a northeast swell. South of the park, there are dozens of other great breaks. Palm Beach's Reef Road is one of the best surf breaks in Florida, with a maximum size of 15 feet.

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