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Live Webcam in New Smyrna Beach Florida

Live webcams can help you see what the beach is really like from the comfort of your own home. Located near the entrance to Flagler Avenue, the lifeguard station offers a live stream of the surf and beach conditions. You can even view the sunrise or sunset over the Atlantic Ocean by watching the surf cam. You can also see the city's scenic views. If you're visiting New Smyrna Beach, you'll definitely want to check out the webcam.

A Description of New Smyrna Beach in Florida

New Smyrna Beach, Florida is a good place to start if you've never visited this charming town. The city is a popular surf destination in the state and is a top surfing destination nationally. It is also the Sharkbite Capital of the World, so swimming there is not a bad idea. However, that is not the only thing that this small town is known for. Here are some things that have changed the buzz surrounding this Florida beach.

This area was inhabited by Native Americans 10,000 years before Europeans arrived. They lived in sedentary and nomadic camps and the coast was covered in mounds of ancient refuse. In the early twentieth century, these mounds were destroyed for road construction, but the shells became building material. Today, much of the history of New Smyrna Beach is still preserved under the ground and water.

While New Smyrna Beach is well known for its soft, white sand, it's also a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. From fishing to kayaking, there's something for everyone in this beach town. If you're looking for a laid-back vibe, then the Dog Beach and the Smyrna Dunes Park jetty are great options.

A history buff can visit the New Smyrna Sugar Mill Ruins, a National Register of Historic Places listed site. The site is a historic site that features the crumbling remains of a coquina sugar factory. This sugar mill was destroyed during the Second Seminole War in 1835 and is now a nature preserve. You can walk over the ruins of the mill and picnic while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

If you're looking for a quieter, more rural destination, consider New Smyrna Beach, a city located in Volusia County, Florida. The city's population is estimated to be 30,142 by 2020. Downtown New Smyrna Beach is located on the west side of the Indian River, while the Coronado Beach Bridge connects the mainland with a coastal barrier island.

If you like to enjoy craft beer, then you're in luck. There are several local craft breweries, including Half Wall Brewing Company, which serves beers and also offers alcohol on board. A local craft distillery called Sugar Works produces rum, whiskey, and moonshine. All three are good for a relaxing evening or an enjoyable day at the beach. It's also worth noting that you can take a helicopter ride over the beachfront from 1,000 feet up.

Visitors to New Smyrna Beach can also check out its Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse. This landmark stands at 175 feet, making it the tallest in Florida and a National Historic Landmark. You can view a display of Fresnel lenses, including the original, which was restored to its original splendor. Alternatively, you can climb up the lighthouse tower and admire the views from atop the tower.

The weather in New Smyrna Beach will influence your choice of clothing, from short afternoon downpours to windy conditions. Check out the climate and forecast on several websites to make sure you're properly prepared for the weather. A good idea is to pack enough warm clothing to be comfortable when returning home. This beach isn't as cold as other beach towns in Florida, but it's still warmer than other places.

Among the things to do in New Smyrna Beach are fishing, nature-based recreation, and shopping. The city offers many outdoor attractions, including an aquarium. In addition to the beaches, visitors can spend a day at the park's aquarium, catching rays or watching a gopher tortoise. There are several other things to do in New Smyrna Beach, including the Turtle Mound National Historic Site.

Best Place to Surf in New Smyrna Beach Florida

The best place to surf in New Smyrne Beach Florida is a 13-mile stretch of soft white sand that harbors several major breaks. This area is known as "the wave magnet" by locals and is ideal for trick riding. The city was home to some of the first surfers, and a museum dedicated to surfing history is located in downtown New Smyrna.

The closest surf shop is Inlet Charley's, which rents boards and provides lessons from a professional surfer. You can also rent a board from nearby shops such as Nichols Surf Shop, which has been in business for more than 20 years. Other surf shops in the area include Quiet Flight, 508 Flagler Avenue, and Red Dog, located on 801 A1A.

The inlet between New Smyrna and Daytona is a great place to surf. It's home to pro surfer Cobie Gittner. There are a few sandbars along the south end of Ponce Inlet, including Shark Shallows. This spot has consistent waves no matter the swell direction. The outer sandbars provide bigger waves during higher tides, so be prepared for a long, challenging session.

Surfing in New Smyrna Beach, Florida is a legendary sport. The town was named one of National Geographic's top 20 surf towns in 2017! Its consistent waves make it one of the best places to surf in Florida. The waves here are typically three to four times bigger than average, and the beach is large enough to spread out. The city is home to the American Professional Surfing Association's premier competitions.

Surfers looking for big swells can head to the Ponce Inlet. This section of the beach is the best spot to catch a rip. Be careful though

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