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Live Webcam in Neptune Beach Florida

If you have never been to Neptune Beach Florida, you may be interested in seeing what this coastal town looks like from a live webcam. Located in the state of Florida, this coastal town offers a wide variety of recreational activities. For those interested in observing the local weather and surfing conditions, the live webcam will offer a convenient means of keeping abreast of the latest updates on the water.

A Description of Neptune Beach in Florida

Neptune Beach in Florida will help you decide whether this is the beach for you. This small coastal town is located in northeast Florida between Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach. This small community has a laidback, quiet atmosphere that attracts vacationers of all ages. Neptune is also home to many parks and fascinating ecosystems along the Intracoastal Waterway. To get a better idea of what to expect from Neptune Beach, check out this article.

A nice place to have a drink with your companion is the island girl wine and cigar bar, located on First Street. The bar has a walk-in humidor with over 500 different brands of cigars. If you want to enjoy an exotic smoke, there are nightly drink specials at the Island Girl. The food is also great here, so be sure to reserve your table ahead of time. The city is home to several other quaint local eateries, including the popular Beaches Grill and Cafe.

While Neptune Beach is a nautical city, it is also historic. Parts of the city touch either the ocean or tidal bodies of water. Many visitors spend their time in the waterfront areas. Since Neptune Beach is so small, there are no public transportation options available. However, if you do choose to drive, you can get around the city without a car. The beach is an attractive destination no matter what the season is.

While the north end of this 1.5-mile-long beach is part of Atlantic Beach, it is still a popular destination for surfers. This part of the beach is also dubbed "The Poles" after the wooden poles sticking out of the water. Many consider this one of the best surfing spots in Northeast Florida. However, despite the heat, there is something for everyone. And while the ocean is too warm for Maine Lobsters, it's still worth a trip.

For the adventurer, Neptune Beach offers many opportunities to explore the water. Its environmental education center features exhibits, aquariums, and an amphitheater. The secluded Mayport Naval Station is a quaint, charming hidden gem that is great for beachcombers. Find amazing shells, treasure, and sea glass along the beach. Enjoy the natural beauty of Neptune Beach with your family or friends.

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Best Place to Surf in Neptune Beach Florida

If you're looking for the best waves in Neptune Beach, Florida, then this article is for you. The family-run surf shop known as Nomad Surf Shop is the place to go for beginner and advanced level surfing lessons. The friendly, helpful staff will make sure you have everything you need to have a fun day on the water. The surf breaks at Neptune Beach are some of the best in the entire state.

While this quiet neighborhood is located just minutes away from the more active Jacksonville Beach, it has a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Sunrises are bright and colorful here, and early risers will often head offshore for an offshore break. The waves at Neptune Beach are perfect for relaxing and working on your tan, while providing fun waves. Surfing at Neptune Beach is a great way to start your day with a good tan.

Depending on the time of year, you may want to check out several spots. The eastern portion of the state tends to produce more consistent waves, while the western part gets more unpredictable conditions. One spot might have no surf, while another will have perfect waves. The west coast of Florida is a bit more unpredictable, and you may be lucky to catch a nice wave when it hits. The best place to surf in Neptune Beach Florida is not in the north; instead, head a little further north.

If you're looking for an easier way to get into the water, consider visiting the four-point Sheraton Jacksonville Beachfront hotel. This all-suite hotel has 80 rooms and is just steps away from the waves. It has a chic and modern design and has an in-house restaurant. And if you're interested in taking a SUP or surfing lesson, don't forget to check out Jax Surf & Paddle.

Ponce Inlet is another great place to surf in Neptune Beach. It's the home of pro surfer Cobie Gittner, and has some great waves for all swell conditions. The jetty on the north end of the inlet connects two sandbars on either side of the inlet. The outer sandbar, Shark Shallows, is a great option, as it provides big waves regardless of swell conditions. However, the best time to surf here is during high tide.

Another great spot for surfing is Sebastian Inlet. This is the birthplace of aerial surfing in Florida. Famous surfers have been frequenting this spot for decades. There are three miles of excellent surf in this bay, and the break at Monster Hole is a man-made sandbar that holds 10 feet of water. Aside from surfing, Sebastian Inlet Surf and Sport offers lessons and gear rentals. If you are new to surfing, Sebastian Inlet is the best place to start.

There are several good surf breaks in Neptune Beach Florida. Hanna Park, near the Mayport Naval Base, has great breaks and showers. The Officer's Club and the Lighthouse are noteworthy breaks for northeast swell. North swell can produce long lefts on the south side of the beach pier. It's also possible to catch dolphins here. Whether you're looking for an excellent wave in Neptune Beach, you'll find it at the beach.

Cocoa Beach is also another great place to surf. Home to six-time World Champion Kelly Slater, Ron Jon Surf Shop, and the Cocoa Beach Pier, this beach is a great place for beginners and intermediate surfers. The pier in Cocoa Beach is also a great spot for sight-seeing and fishing. Despite its secluded setting, Neptune Beach is one of the most accessible and affordable beaches in Florida.

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